Why use Powerlikes for your Campaigns


Powerlikes is a powerful tool you can add to your Instagram promotions and campaigns to rapidly reach lots of people and potentially go viral. 

Here's how it works

Once you sign up for powerlikes, your next post will instantly receive 600 likes from popular, high-engaged accounts. 

This instant flux of engagement to your content instantly sends your post up into the Instagram newsfeed, reaching even more people, increasing engagement & instantly featuring your post on the top 9 posts of the hashtags you use. 

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What you need to know about Powerlikes 

1. Your content needs to have a viral or interesting component to it. 

Here are some good examples:

Screen Shot 2018-01-15 at 11.29.01 AM.png


2. Use niche hashtags

While getting featured in the top 9 posts for hashtags is great, it's even better when you're placed in front of your target audience who are more likely to take advantage of your promotion or sale. 

Use hashtags within your niche so you have a better chance of getting seen by the right people. 

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3. Review process

After purchasing powerlikes for your next campaign, make sure you chat with a Gold&GlitterCo Team member to review your content for best performance. 


Want to use the power of Powerlikes for your next promotion? 

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