Our Story

We started out like a lot of bloggers do. 

We had B I G dreams. - still do (:

H U G E goals. - still got those too.

T O N S of ambition. - oh yea all of that.

But no clear way to get us there.

We wanted to share our passions with the world and make an impact. But we knew we needed one thing.

A Tribe.

A tribe who loved what we were doing and supported us. We were stuck at 500 followers for what seemed like forever until…

We developed a way to consistently attract targeted followers. 

Through our targeting methods we were able to double our following in less than one month. And we haven’t stopped growing rapidly since.  It wasn’t just our followers that went up.

The opportunities have been endless.

With our Instagram Growth Packages & Business Data Solutions we help you rapidly grow your following, expand your influence and increase sales.

 Learn more about how we can help you ignite your passion today!

GoldandGlitter Growth Team

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Lindsay is a true hustler with heart. She landed her dream job working in Manhattan in just one month while running her side hustle(s).

3 fun facts about Lindsay

  1. She's an avid shuffler

  2. She's traveled to 18 countries and counting.
  3. She really loves the outdoors & mountain biking.




Constance is the Instagram Growth Hacker that started it all. Rapid growth is her hobby. 


3 fun Facts about Constance

  1. She is an animal rights activist.

  2. She is an outer space fanatic.

  3. She applied to be on the Mars One Mission.




Jeannette embodies all things entrepreneur. There is not a day you will not see her on her macbook. She moved across the country to start a brand with her best friend. 

3 fun Facts about Jeannette

  1. She picked up a jellyfish with her bare hands.

  2. She traveled around India for 3 weeks interviewing Tibetans in refugee camps.

  3. She's obsessed with sharks.