✨ INSTAGRAM Growth Guide ✨ 


Create Your Insta Avatar

When creating content for your Instagram, you always have to have your audience in mind.

That’s why you want to create your Insta Avatar.

 Here's what ours looks like (: 

Here's what ours looks like (: 

An Insta Avatar is the same thing as a Customer Avatar but for Instagram.

What you post is who you attract. And if your content doesn’t align with your target audience, you’re going to have a hard time getting people to engage with your content.

If you know who you’re communicating with on Instagram you will…

  • Increase Engagement on Your Posts

  • Attract More Targeted Followers

  • Build a Community who will support you & purchase from you


Website Hacks to Grow Your Insta

If you’re already driving traffic to your blog or website then adding your Instagram to those pages is an easy way to gain more followers.

  • Websites – Put Instagram feed on on all pages of your website. Here’s an example from @jandlcity.

  • Thank You Pages

After someone someone signs up for your newsletter or opts in for content on your website, send them to a Thank You page. This is another place where you can add your IG follow button or a link to follow you. If they trust you enough to give you their email, it’s very likely they’ll click to follow you.

✨ GlitterNGold Pro Tip

Anywhere you’re driving traffic, place your Instagram handle with either a button or link to your account to follow.

Say hello @goldnglitterco


Engagement Groups/Pods/Boost Groups

What are they?

A group of people within the same niche who engage with each other’s posts by liking or commenting on them on a regular basis.

The more engagement your IG posts get, the more people see them.

✨ Best Practices for Boost Groups

 1. Create Guidelines

Establish a set day and time where you post then everyone goes and likes and comments on each other’s post.

If someone engages with your content within the first 10 mins of posting. Instagram algorithms show your content to more people. That’s why boost groups are so effective

2. Add New Members

After a while, people drop off, it’s just how it is. You want to be adding at least 5-10 new members a week to keep engagement up.


You can start out with a DM but if you want to really scale, I suggest using the following tools.


✨ Take your Boost Group to the Next Level

  1. Exchange Shoutouts

You can reach out to everyone in your boost group and ask to exchange shoutouts.

Since you’re all in the same niche, you will likely have similar audiences who will also love your content. Yay!

2.  Contest Giveaways

You can even get the people in the group to go in on a giveaway with you. Combine your products or services to make an awesome viral giveaway for both audiences.

Everyone wins!


FB Groups

Using Facebook groups is a great way to find IG accounts within your niche

Here’s how…

Search Your Niche on Facebook.

Then click, “Groups.”

You’ll find a ton of different FB groups within your niche. Join ALL of them.

Usually it takes a day or two for the Group Admin to approve you to join.

Here’s what you do…

  1. Intro

First, post an intro in the group. Tell people who you are, what you do and provide some value by giving away tips, a discount code to your product or service, etc.

**DO NOT DROP LINKS - if you’re new to Facebook Groups you’ll learn dropping links in people’s groups is considered rude, so don’t do it unless the group admin approves.

You always want to provide value first and avoid looking spammy.

2. Start a Thread

Then 2 days later, make a post about what you do and let everyone know you’re starting a Boost group for Instagram for your niche. Make sure to explain how it works so people understand the value of a boost group. Ask anyone who wants to join to drop their Instagram handles in the comments.

Here’s an example of a boost group post. (This was posted in a FB group for Marketers)


FB groups have THOUSANDS of people in them. So even if one of the posts gets comments, you now have a boost group.

✨ Need a boost group?

We’re building new Boost Group Niches every day! Send us a DM with your name & niche and we’ll get you into one our Boost Groups.


Creating Instagram Content

  1. Canva – Create beautiful branded images for to post on Instagram in seconds.

With Canva you use custom colors, fonts and upload your original images to add text and logos.

2. Best9 - Shows the top posts from any Instagram account.

Type in any of your top competitor’s accounts. You’ll see their top 9 Instagram posts ever.  

This tells you what type of content your audience likes the most. Then you can create similar content to these posts to boost engagement on your posts.

You never want to take someone else’s content. Instead make it your own by adding your colors, logos, etc.

3. Instagram Filters and edit settings - Improves your images quality & creates a consistent style.

When you’re posting to Instagram, you want to pick a filter & stick with it.

If you’re constantly changing up which filter you use on images, your Instagram page as a whole will look inconsistent.

You can play around with filters as long as their similar. For instance, choosing filters which adds more blues to your images. 

Here are the most important Edit Settings on Instagram.

  1. Brightness – No one likes a dark image. We suggest only upping the brightness to 20 - 30. Adding too much brightness to the photo can cause it to look over exposed.

  2. Filter – Choose one filter or two and stick with it. You want your images to carry the same look and feel so staying consistent with a filter is your best bet.

  3. Contrast – Images that have 20% contrast get more clicks.


Call to Actions

Call to Actions are a great way to get more engagement on your posts.

Remember, the more likes and comments your posts have the more people will see them.

Here are some ways to drive engagement using Call to Actions


    1. Double Tap if..

    2. Like for...

  2. Tag Your Bestie Below

  3. Comment

    • Comment a specific phrase - Comment yes if this is you..

  4. Link in bio

You can find a way to incorporate the above whatever your niche.


Best Times to Post

As a general rule, good post times are 10 am, 12pm and 3 pm, 5 pm. This is when people are online most.

However, we suggest looking at best times to post based on your audience.

Test posting at all the times listed above and see which posts get the highest engagement & then start posting from there.

How Many Times to Post

There’s no straight up answer. Instagram algorithms change all the time.

The general rule is that you want more engagement on your posts so more people see them which would mean posting less.


With newer accounts it can be better to post multiples times a day as your following will likely be small in the beginning. Instagram algorithms reward accounts for posting content.

If you already have a ton of followers then you can post once a day because your posts are likely to get more engagement so they will be shown to more people.

We recommend posting once a day at least.


How to post

1. Hopperhq

This tool allows you to schedule posts to Instagram from your laptop or desktop computer. It even lets you schedule your hashtags in the comments. BAE.

No more missing the best time slots because you got busy. You got this.


Creating Multiple accounts

This can be great if you have lifestyle blog or website that has multiple niches.

Instead of trying to cram all of our topics on one Insta. Create one for each niche.


  1. More Targeted followers

  2. Increased click thrus to your blogs or site



Create a Strong Bio

The last thing you want to do is confuse people when they go to your Instagram account.

Your bio should have 3 key elements.

  • Who you are

  • What you do/ what you stand for

  • What value you bring

✨ GoldNGlitter Pro Tips

  • Always use emojis in your bios for increased engagement.
  • Place a Call to Action in Your Bio to promote your site, product or service. 



The key to location is you want to tag different locations with every post. By tagging the same location every time you limit your reach to those people who are tagging that location.

You want to expand your reach so you reach more people.

Then, create a location list

Look at your competitors accounts and see what locations they’re tagging in their posts. Create a list and start tagging your posts with those locations.


Reposts or Regrams

Reposts or Regrams are a great way to get people’s attention. If there’s an influencer in your niche you want to connect with, this is how you do it.

If you’re going to do Reposts, there are a few ways to do it.

#1 rule always credit the person whose image it belongs to – It’s Insta courtesy.

1. Post with crediting

use the image and tag them in the post.

2. Request a Repost

DM the person you want to repost and ask them if you can use their photo for a shoutout for their account. This is a great way to start building a relationship with them for future collaboration.


Insta Stories

Instagram is changing as a platform. You’ve got to keep up.

With Instagram Stories now in the mix, more people are looking at your stories rather than your posts.

Here’s how you can use stories to drive engagement to your posts.

  1. Let people know when you just posted via your story

  2. Use branded pics to create branded stories

You can easily add branded images by swiping up on your story. 


Going Live on Instagram

Going LIVE on Instagram is a great way to engage with your audience on a deeper level. Live allows you to have a two way conversation with your audience so you can get to know them better.

Here are some: 

  • PTOD – Pep Talk of the Day – Choose a day of the week where you hop on for an hour and give your audience a pep talk. – Not for every niche.

  • #AMA – Ask Me Anythings – Great for Experts who want to share knowledge with their audience and establish authority.

  • Launches. Omg yes. we love seeing people go LIVE for a launch of a new product or service. 


Best Practices for Going Live

Going LIVE is great for driving engagement but you want to make sure people show up. Here's how. 

  • Set a Time & Date for Going Live

  • Make a Post at least 24 hours before Going Live

  • Post it in on your story 24 hours before, 1 hour before and when you’re about to go Live



Especially with Instagress & Massplanner shutting down, we thought it was super important to add this section.

While Instagram is an amazing platform to build your tribe. It shouldn’t be your only platform of communication. That’s why collecting email addresses of your followers is so important.

  1. Drive people to your newsletter with your Link in bio

  2. Drive them to a landing page where you offer something of value to your audience (5 ways to dress up your work style, etc)

Click here to see our email solutions. 



Now you’ve got the Instagram Growth Guide, you’re ready to make your Instagram sparkle!

But we’ve created a few more things just for you to help your account really shine.

Check out how we help people build their tribe by 1K+ new followers a month.