How to Gain Exposure on Instagram (for free)

Two simple things you can do to triple your views on your Instagram story is:

1. Tag your location

2. Use hashtags

See the Instagram story below that received 514 views. 

Why does this one have the highest number of viewers?


Location baby. 📍

But this number can be confusing.

It says "514" - that number isn't the number of people who have actually watched my story.😱

This is the number of potential viewers. Because my story was added to an Instagram Story based on my location.

But you may have noticed - I've joined multiple Instagram stories.

Three Location Stories & Three Hashtag Stories.



Yes, you can tag locations and hashtags in your stories to boost your reach.

But what does this mean for you and your brand?

It means you can easily increase your exposure on Instagram just by tagging hashtags and locations in your Instagram stories.