Top 4 tools to Learn More About Your Followers

You could be getting more out of Instagram if you knew more about your followers. 

But have no fear...

The Gold and Glitter Growth Team is here. 

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Here are our top 4 tools to help!

1. Linked.tree

This tool allows you to link more than one link in bio.

It simply pulls a landing page where you can add unlimited buttons to take followers to your different pages on your site. tracks the clicks too so you can gain deeper insights into what your audience likes.

Plus, it's free. 

2. Socialblade 

We love this tool.

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Socialblade allows you to see your average monthly followers plus your daily stats of many followers you gain day by day. 

 3. Best92016

Best9 shows any Instagram accounts top 9 posts.



Why is this important?

a.  You can see which content gets the most likes so you can create more of that

b. You can look up your competitor accounts to get ideas to use on your account


4. Prime

This app shows you the best time to posts by day on Instagram based on engagement rates across the platform. 



By posting at the right times, you can 2x your engagement on your posts!

More engagement = More people seeing your content = More followers. 

Go you!

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