How to re-engage a dead Instagram account

Haven't posted on your Instagram in a while?

Thinking about starting a new one because your engagement is dead? 

Think again.  

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If you have an account where you've built up a few hundred followers, you don't need to start a new one to gain likes and comments flowing in again.

Let's use one of our new clients as an example. 

They had no profile pic, 3 posts, and no link in bio.

Plus, they had not made a post in MONTHS.

In 2 days, we were able to get him 50+ followers. 

Here’s what we did🎉

First off, we optimized his profile. 

  1. Updated his profile pic to fit with his branding and our target audience - Fitness Moms is his target audience
  2. Changed the bio that answered the who, value and included a call to action to click the link in the bio
  3. Deleted the three hideous posts (Not kidding, the content was scary but no fear, GoldandGlitterCo is here.) 

then we created content

 Ok maybe this isn't how we did it.

Ok maybe this isn't how we did it.

Content that would speak to our target audience: Fit moms who work from home.

  • Created branded content of quotes
  • Gathered healthy recipes from their website and paired with beautiful images
  • Posted Shoutouts
    • We found fitness moms on Instagram, created a spreadsheet of them to use for shout outs we would post. 
    • We made sure to use Instagram accounts no larger than 20K. 

Then to the posting...🙌🏽

  • We posted 3-4 times a day to ramp up engagement
  • Tagged high traffic locations: Los Angeles, Vegas, New York, etc. 
  • Used top 25-30 hashtags: changing the order of hashtags every time
  • Followed large accounts within their niche - This will help you get targeted followers

and it worked!

We tripled engagement and grew his account to 50+ followers in 2 days. 

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