How to connect your Instagram story to your Facebook Story

Did you hear?

Facebook recently connected Facebook stories to Instagram stories.

Which means anything you post on your Instagram story will automatically post to your Instagram story.

YES! Now you don't have to waste time double posting on your stories.

giphy (1).gif


But before you set it up, you need to make sure your Instagram is connected to Facebook and that ALL your apps are updated. 


After you've done that, now, it's time to get connect your stories together.


✨Here’s how ✨ 

  1. Go to the settings icon next to “edit profile” button on Instagram
  2. Go to Story Settings > Then click toggle for Share Stories to Facebook

(See example screenshot below)

Instagram Stories integrates with FB Stories.jpg


something you should know...

This integration is only offered for personal profiles only, not business yet.

But with all the rapid changes happening to Instagram every month, it's likely this feature is coming to business pages soon.

We're keeping our fingers crossed!


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