Frequently Asked Questions


Will automation hurt my account?

No, we carefully monitor accounts daily to ensure your account is always safe.

What can I expect?


Our clients get an average of 500-2K followers a month.

Those who are active on Instagram daily with quality content always exceed the average.

Do you use bots?

Yes, we use bots to automate your interactions with your competitors accounts.

We don’t do like and comments because that’s an easy way to look spammy to Instagram.

All of our automation is done in time intervals to keep your accounts safe and spam free.

We automate the interactions with your competitors followers to attract them to your account.

This ensures you gain followers who are your ideal audience.

How does it work?

Absolutely. We don’t interact with ANY private accounts or any accounts that don’t have a profile picture.

If you have additional requests, please submit those along with your order.


Are the followers real?